Letting doctors be doctors—

Through easy and secure clinical communications.

We are driven by a passion to empower clinicians to get their work done quickly and easily.

careMESH is unlike any other solution on the market today, putting actionable information into the hands of healthcare providers in hospitals, ACO's, physician practices, and other organizations.  Our transformative communications platform makes it possible to share patient medical records and related health information, without relying on costly IT integration work, stand-alone texting products, or manual processes to aggregate patient data for reporting.

Not only does this make common sense, but it aligns with financial incentives that advance value-based care initiatives and improve patient outcomes. We invite you to learn about the benefits of this innovative approach for our customers, such as:

We are dedicated to reducing reliance on fax, easing the referral and care transition processes, making patient data easily searchable, driving out unnecessary duplicate testing, and letting doctors' focus on being doctors. Learn more today!