We have a vision:

To connect every clinician to every other clinician—allowing for simple, secure communication and the exchange of patient health records

Healthcelerate was founded by a physician who was frustrated with the state of healthcare communications. But the infrastructure is now in place (adoption of Meaningful Use-certified EMRs is nearly universal in the U.S.) and other industries have proven that secure and efficient data exchange is possible. So, let’s make it happen.

Our careMESH platform is designed to help hospitals, ACO's, physician practices, and others communicate how they need to, without relying on costly EMR integrations, stand-alone texting products, or manual processes to aggregate patient data for reporting and analytics. Our customers can:

  • Easily configure a connection to any Meaningful Use-certified EHR
  • Securely access and view patient records, even from a mobile device
  • Send secure text (or email) messages to any other clinician, across the U.S.
  • Share patient records, referral documents, image files, and more
  • Combine patient data from multiple EHRs into a single view

We are dedicated to reducing reliance on fax, easing the referral and care transition processes, making patient data easily searchable, driving out unnecessary duplicate testing, and letting doctors focus on being doctors. Learn more today!