Making digital collaboration possible —

To empower you in caring for your patients.

We are bringing the industry together with a single, shared services platform, that embraces a wide range of industry standards and exceeds the security and identity requirements that are vital for healthcare. With careMESH, users can:

  • Send secure text messages (or email) to any other clinician, across the U.S.

  • Share patient records, referral documents, image files, and more

  • Securely access and view patient records, even from a mobile device

  • Configure a connection to any Meaningful Use-certified EHR

  • Combine patient data from multiple EHRs into a single view

  • Bring digital communications into the 21st century to reduce reliance on paper and fax!

Our unique combination of services includes:

emr connectivity.png

EHR Connectivity

Meaningful Use required EHR vendors to implement standards for the transmission and receipt of patient health records.  We leverage these standards (Direct, XDS, XDR, XDS and FHIR) to access the data you need with only minor configuration required.  Even right “out of the box”, a patient record can be exported from an EHR system, attached to a secure careMESH message, and sent to any other clinician in the country – just like fax, except it is all digital!

In addition to transmission standards, careMESH uses key clinical data from a wide variety of file types (C-CDAs, CDAs, CCDs, and FHIR records) – including demographic information, problem lists, medications, allergies, lab results, vital signs and much more.  Once in the careMESH cloud, we organize it so it can be easily understood and integrated with data from other sources.

Identity and Security.png

Identity and Security

Through our national directory, user identity verification process, and free account model for recipients, any careMESH subscriber can send a message or patient record to anyone in our directory of 5.1M clinicians. The sender can share the entire patient record, attach large files such as x-rays and MRIs, and customize a message to the recipient.  If the recipient has a Direct message account, the content will be delivered right into their inbox.  If not, they will receive an alert asking them to log-on to view the content.

Patient Record Viewer.png

Patient Record Viewer

When was the last time you saw an EHR display Complete Blood Count on a fishbone? Through our intuitive Patient Record Viewer, we present patient records in a way that clinicians love.

Data from multiple EHRs can be combined into a single view. The results are fully searchable and can be organized and grouped into “discharge summaries”, “history and physicals”, “transitions of care” and many other document types. And records can be securely viewed on a mobile phone helping doctors make rapid decisions even when they are out of the clinical setting.  

Secure Messaging.png

Secure Messaging

careMESH users have access to a powerful secure messaging tool. Computer-to-phone, phone-to-phone, and computer-to-computer texting allows teams to get fast responses to simple questions.  Photos can be snapped, files attached, and patient records can be instantly shared. 

Our secure texting capability speeds up the flow of information within a practice and provides an unobtrusive way of staff communicating with each other, even when they are with a patient.

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