Every day, we hear from clients who are frustrated with their inability to text or email patient information to other providers.

In healthcare, secure digital communications are typically only available within a single enterprise, while fax and postal services remain the backbone of communications with the outside. Not only is this inefficient, it reduces the utility of patient records for reporting and analytics purposes.

Within our easy-to-use platform, Healthcelerate has solved the directory, identity and security problems that have plagued electronic communications of patient data between enterprises.

All clinicians are now empowered to:

  • Send Secure Email to any of the 5.1M clinicians in our directory
  • Immediately activate a free account when a Healthcelerate message is received
  • Chat with any other clinician (inside or outside your enterprise) using our secure text feature
  • Attach an entire patient record from your EMR and include X-Rays or MRIs (up to 2GB)
  • Access secure messages via your EMR Messenger or through our intuitive mobile app or web portal