When Our Docs Can Start Texting, That Alone Will be a Win —

A new client once said this, and it was music to our ears. 

In healthcare, secure digital communications are typically only available within a single enterprise, while fax, CD-burning, and postal mail remain the backbone of communications with the outside. Not only is this inefficient and an administrative burden, but it reduces the ability of patient records in an EHR to tell the entire "patient story".

Embedded in our easy-to-use careMESH service, is our secure texting feature. It includes all of the bells and whistles you have come to expect on your mobile device, plus the ability to send large file attachments and the security you need to share Protected Health Information (PHI). 

So all of our clients, and the providers and support staff they communicate with, can finally text with confidence.

The Convenience of Text, Without the Risk

  • Securely text with any other U.S. clinician (inside or outside your enterprise) through our national clinician directory

  • Enjoy in-app notifications and other convenience features on your mobile device

  • Apps available in both the App Store and on Google Play

  • Attach an entire patient record from your EHR and include other large files, such as X-rays (up to 2GB)

  • Use our patient record viewer to securely see clinician information and share with colleagues

  • Access secure messages via your EHR Messenger (via Direct) or through our intuitive mobile app or web portal

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National Clinician Directory

Our directory includes 5.1M US clinicians, so you can communicate with any member of a patient's care team.

Patient Record Viewer

Not only do we "speak the language of medicine" butter viewer is searchable and intuitive.

Promoting Interoperability

Learn how careMESH helps you meet the CMS 2019 Meaningful Use Programs. 

User Identity

Keeping your data secure, with industry-leading identity-proofing processes.