Providers are empowered to share records, reduce inefficiency and duplicate tests, and improve the flow of information.

Efforts have long been underway to improve the exchange of patient data, but many obstacles are impeding success. With our Health Record Interchange, providers have a new level of sharing capability, not confined by who joined a certain HIE, which EMR vendor they use, or where they are located. Users can quickly retrieve a patient’s medical history, review patient populations for care coordination, or receive lab work collected by an unaffiliated hospital. 

We invite you to learn how:

  • Our Patient Record Viewer combines data about a patient from multiple EMRs into a single view

  • We offer certified connectivity to >30 different EMRs allowing records to be viewed, attached and saved without the need for complex integration

  • Records can be pushed or pulled from one EMR to another on either an on-demand or a fully-automated basis

  • We disassemble Patient Records into the smallest elements possible allowing them to be reassembled into the correct record format for your EMR

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