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A Practical Guide to Promoting Interoperability

In January 2019, CMS plans to implement new measures for EHR Meaningful Use—a program they now call “Promoting Interoperability”. While the plan is still being finalized, most experts believe that the core components will be adopted without material changes. Hospitals and Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) should get ready now. In this handy guide, Healthcelerate provides the key points for US hospitals to consider.

Successful Care Coordination Strategies Must Be Built On Practical Services That Can Share Patient  Information Without Complex EMR Interoperability

Healthcelerate SMEs discuss how providers can leverage existing standards to share patient health information and communications in support of value-based care models, without expensive integration projects. They could then achieve true “meaningful use” of their EMR investments by achieving the data liquidity needed to securely and quickly move patient information wherever it needs to go. 


Introducing careMESH

Creating a healthcare environment in which all healthcare providers can communicate, securely and efficiently. This video provides a brief overview of careMESH, a web and mobile-friendly tool designed to support the easy and secure sharing of patient records.

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Part 1: Everyday Problems on the Patient Journey

On a typical patient journey, we follow along with Mrs Jones as she visits the urgent care, hospital, and her primary care physician, without the benefit of interoperable EHR systems.

Part 2: Solving Everyday Patient Problems with Healthcelerate

In part two of this video series, a typical patient journey is improved through the use of the careMESH platform as a patient visits the urgent care, hospital, and her primary care physician.