Imagine viewing patient records in a way that is completely intuitive.

The past decade has seen a sharp rise in the use of Health IT in support of patient care. But this has regrettably forced clinicians to spend a significant amount of time navigating complex EHR interfaces with dozens of tabs and the inability to search content attached in a "media" file. 

careMESH was founded by an emergency room physician who wanted to do it better.

Not only does careMESH include a secure communications channel to share patient records, images, and other information, but any care team member can benefit from our unique patient record viewer:

  • Every patient record that passes through the careMESH cloud is shown in our user-friendly format

  • When users share records with non-subscribers, recipients automatically receive a link to view digital records in careMESH

  • Our Patient Record Viewer combines data about a patient from multiple EHRs into a single view

  • All trusted members of a patient care team can be granted appropriate access to view digital records (even those who do not have an EHR implemented in their practice)

  • Providers can share and collaborate about a patient regardless of which EHR software they use.

A Sample Patient Record in careMESH:

  • Physicians love our user-friendly viewer!

  • Not only does it "speak the language of medicine" but it is customizable, searchable, and intuitive.

  • As patient data passes through the careMESH cloud, we build graphical widgets to highlight critical patient information in support of patient care:

    • For adults, the default view includes (1) Vital Signs, (2) Metabolic Panel, (3) Complete Blood Count, (4) Problem list, (5) Medications, and (6) medication allergies

    • For children, the default view includes (1) Growth Charts (height, weight, BMI), and (2) vital signs

  • To support compliance with preventative measures and public health programs, important social history data (e.g. smoking status) and controlled substance use (e.g. opioids) are highlighted.


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