Providers are empowered to share records—

Reducing inefficiency and improving the flow of information.

Efforts have long been underway to improve the exchange of patient data, so that clinicians can have the right information at their fingertips and patients no longer have to carry their paper health records from one provider to another.

But many obstacles have been impeding data exchange, so it's time to think about "health information exchange" in a whole new way.

With the unique careMESH approach to Record Sharing, providers are no longer confined by who joined a certain Health Information Exchange (HIE), which EHR vendor they use, or where they are located.

Our users can quickly read or search inbound records using our doctor-friendly Patient Record Viewer, retrieve and share all or part of a patient’s medical history from their EHR, and begin sending referrals and transitions in care digitally.



We invite you to give careMESH a try:

  • Clinicians and staff members can share right from our app, or configure careMESH to their local EHR to automatically upload patient lists, patient C-CDAs, enterprise contacts, and more.

  • The careMESH Patient Record Viewer combines data about a patient from multiple EHRs into a single view

  • Our support team will work with you to embed careMESH into your existing workflows, to minimize operational changes, while streamlining on an innovative digital platform.

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