Any Clinician, Any EMR,
Any Record, Anywhere


Healthcelerate is delivering the next generation of secure communications in healthcare

We offer a solution unlike any other on the market today --- empowering hospitals, ACO's, physician practices, and others to communicate how they need to, without relying on costly EMR integrations, stand-alone texting products, or manual processes to aggregate patient data for reporting.



Leverage our national clinician directory of over 5.1M providers

to identify the correct recipient and securely send patient information anywhere. A receiving clinician can easily access a message and reply directly to the sender, even if s/he is not yet a Healthcelerate subscriber.



Send HIPAA-compliant text messages to physicians

inside or outside of your organization, including large attachments or patient records from your EMR. You are empowered to send secure, reliable messages to ANY clinician, through our intuitive user interface.



View, send or import patient records and quickly review patient history

Connect to over 30 EMRs, with just a few clicks, and share your patient records as needed. We support C-CDAs, CDAs, and FHIR records and seamlessly translate from one format to another.