The role of Independent Physician Associations is evolving —

We can bring a new level of value to your members.

Independent practices are changing and so are the IPAs that support them.  New payment models and the march towards value-based care, means that IPAs can now take a more central role in helping providers achieve cost and quality goals.

Healthcelerate gives IPAs and their members the tools to do this in small and independent practices without burdensome IT cost and complexity. And this allows practices to participate in the value-based market without being forced into consolidation. 

Our careMESH platform works out-of-the-box. It easily configures with a wide range of EHRs and brings IPA members together to coordinate care for shared patients. 

careMESH is not a custom-built solution that requires big IT expense - it is a cost-effective product that integrates into existing provider workflow and is designed for practices that want to drive improvements in cost and quality.

How We Address Your Challenges:

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Population Health Management

careMESH aggregates key clinical data from multiple EHRs across an IPA to identify where providers are achieving quality goals and where they are falling short.  We use a simple algorithm to identify high risk patients and high utilizers that may need special attention. careMESH helps identify patients requiring follow-up without disrupting the clinical workflow.

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Care Coordination

Value-based payment models reward providers that close gaps in care and independent practices cannot do this alone.  Fax and phone calls are twentieth century tools.  We bring providers into the world of digital communications where secure messages can be exchanged instantly with any other provider making care coordination fast and efficient.

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90% of referrals are still sent by fax and many go outside of your network because there is no simple workflow to keep them inside.  Our directory prioritizes referrals to other IPA members and our platform sends the referral, test results, and related imaging digitally.  And our text messaging feature allows the entire care team to securely communicate in real-time.

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Simplify Administration

We turn paper and fax into actionable data; we give insights into quality performance for any given patient; we let front-office staff send secure and instant messages to clinical staff; and we reduce the demands on back-office staff who labor with vast amounts of paper and fax sent to and received from other organizations.


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