Create Digital Transitions in Care —

And Establish Referral Loops with Any Healthcare Provider

careMESH makes it possible for your hospital to send patient discharge summaries, referrals, and other transitions of care to over 5 Million clinicians in our nationwide directory, regardless of which EHR platform they use.  This new digital process creates a seamless way to share patient records straight from your EHR, as well as image files and other patient information. With or without EHR integration, your hospital will have:

  • A secure, two-way digital communication feedback loop for any patient referral

  • Control over where and how much patient data is shared

  • Automatic user identity verification of every recipient, and

  • An organic health information exchange capability with your hospital as the "hub".


To build these services, we solved some of the most complex communications challenges for healthcare: 

Hospital Challenges Graphic_Aug 2018.jpeg

Need another reason to take a look at careMESH?

In January 2019, The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) implemented new hospital EHR Meaningful Use measures -- a program now called “Promoting Interoperability” (PI).  Nearly half of the measures (and points) focus on Electronic Referral Loops, with hospitals facing an ~2% reduction in Medicare income if they don’t meet the new targets. To learn how to meet the goals, download "A Practical Guide to Promoting Interoperability" today:



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