Bridging care caps in support of Population Health —

Without Costly IT Integration.

Over 98% of U.S hospitals now use Meaningful Use-certified electronic medical records, but significant barriers remain in securely sharing digital patient data between providers who are geographically dispersed or using different EHR systems. As a whole, the industry continues to be burdened with high administrative costs, especially when managing transitions of care upon patient admittance or discharge.

careMESH enables improved digital care coordination between unaffiliated systems, including the sharing of complete or partial health records, large image files, and test results. Our goal is to greatly reduce the burden on your medical records and care coordination teams, drive down costs, and improve the patient experience.

careMESH is not a custom-built solution that requires a team of consultants to implement—it is a turnkey product designed for the era of value-based care.


How We Address Your Challenges:

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Coordinate Care and Referrals

Caring for your patient population is a definitely a team effort—private providers within your community, neighboring facilities, outside specialists, ACOs, and others all share in treating your patients. We keep referrals and care transition documents off the fax machine and completely digital. Patient records, test results, and images can be sent to any receiving provider and uploaded to their EHR.  And our text messaging feature allows the entire care team to securely communicate in real-time.

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Avoid Unnecessary Costs

By easily sharing electronic health records regardless of which EHR vendor(s) you rely on, your clinical staff can review test results, exchange images and other large data files, and avoid unnecessary treatment delays. And, we reduce costs and demands on your records department too, by streamlining the sending and receiving of data from other facilities or organizations.

Drive Data Warehouse and Analytic Tools.png

Drive Data Warehouse and Analytic Tools

We know that accurate and timely data is critical to managing your business.  careMESH supports your requirements by combining data from a variety of sources and then sharing it with your existing analytics platforms for deeper analysis, so you can understand the patterns and behaviors of your patients, while monitoring your quality and financial performance.


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