Building Electronic Referral Loops —

Without Costly IT Integration.

In January 2019, The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) plans to implement new EHR Meaningful Use measures for Hospitals and Critical Access Hospitals - a program now called “Promoting Interoperability” (PI).  Nearly half of the measures (and points) focus on Electronic Referral Loops.  Hospitals face a 2% reduction in Medicare income if they don’t meet the new targets and the key to Promoting Interoperability lies in supporting electronic referral loops and patient access to their medical records.

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careMESH allows your hospital to send electronic referrals and transitions in care to over 5 million healthcare professionals nationwide.  You can attach patient records and digital images and receive referrals and transitions sent by other providers. careMESH is HIPAA compliant, has a national clinician directory, has a method for validating the identity of the recipient, and includes a guarantee that the recipient will be able to access the content digitally at no cost to them. And, careMESH can integrate with your EHR, or operate alongside it, with no integration time or effort.

How It Works:

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Integrating Communications Tools

Most EHRs support 3 unrelated methods of sharing information:

  • Messages can be sent via the Direct protocol to other healthcare providers with a Direct address - about 20% of the total 

  • Faxes can be sent through a fax gateway - 63% of physicians say they still use Fax as their primary communication method

  • Patient records (typically C-CDAs) can be pushed to or pulled by Health Information Exchanges - but few providers outside of large hospitals participate in HIEs

(Un)fortunately, Fax will no longer qualify as as an electronic referral and hospitals will face an uphill climb to deliver referrals digitally.  careMESH brings these elements together into an integrated solution that focuses on one key goal: deliver referrals or transitions in care to any unaffiliated provider in digital form.

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Delivering Electronic Referrals Nationwide

careMESH allows you to send a digital referral or transition in care, along with a C-CDA, to any of the 5M+ US healthcare providers through our clinician directory.  The identity of each provider recipient is validated at standards beyond those required by HIPAA before sensitive health information is shared, and the patient information is delivered in a form that can be imported into the recipient’s EHR.

By combining Direct, Email, Fax, and our own secure messaging platform into a referral workflow that ensures that the recipient can access the data digitally, careMESH makes it possible for recipients to upload the information into their EHR and reply digitally.  

careMESH works alongside your EHR, connects to it to access C-CDAs, or integrates with it so that the user can push a digital referral using the native EHR messenger.  We can even generate what we call “fractional C-CDAs” from patient records other organizations send you, which contain only the information you will be required to reconcile with your own EHR.

Finally, careMESH generates reports that support of the required reporting under the new Promoting Interoperability program.



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