Allowing Digital Patient Data to Securely Flow—

Where and When it is Needed. Voilà!


Efforts have long been underway to improve the sharing of patient data, but typical “Health Information Exchanges” rely heavily on user portal login to retrieve information. This is labor intensive and inefficient.

careMESH has a Better Way: Build organic exchange capabilities by securely pushing the right information to the right recipient, so your patients don’t need to carry their health records across town. Even if the receiving provider is not a careMESH user, they can receive, securely access, and reply—quickly and easily.

Our National Provider Directory, allows users to look-up any US-based clinician. And, our embedded Secure Communications and Referral Management tools mean that you’ll have a complete solution to communicate and collaborate about your patients.



What Does the Next Generation of HIE Look Like?

  • Clinicians and staff members share right from our app, or configure careMESH to an EHR to automatically upload patient lists, medical records, contacts, and more.

  • The careMESH Patient Record Viewer combines data about a patient from multiple EHRs into a single view.

  • Our team will work with you to embed careMESH into your existing workflows, while streamlining processes on this innovative digital platform.

  • Accommodate recipient communications preferences while reducing reliance on paper and fax.

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National Provider Directory

Our directory of 5.1M US clinicians helps you communicate with any member of a patient's care team.

Patient Record Viewer

Not only do we "speak the language of medicine" but our viewer is intuitive and searchable.

Promoting Interoperability

See how careMESH helps you meet CMS's 2019 Meaningful Use Programs.

User Identity

Keeping your data secure, with industry-leading identity-proofing processes.