Improve workflow efficiency, even across multiple EHR systems—

We can show you how.

How can physician groups and specialty practices safely and efficiently share patient information without migrating onto one EHR?  careMESH gives you the tools to do this without burdensome IT cost and complexity, allowing you to securely share patient information for referrals or transitions of care, including to outside providers or facilities.

Clinical data files (known as C-CDAs) can already be accessed in your EHR using the standards that Meaningful Use established, so by leveraging these standards, careMESH helps provider groups:


Securely Communicate

Our embedded email interface, referral templates, and secure messaging features allow the entire care and support team to freely and securely communicate in real-time.


Lower Costs

By sharing electronic patient records, images, and other large data files, clinical and administrative staff across the entire care team can collaborate to discuss a patient case, share care plans and notes, and avoid unnecessary repeat tests.

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Coordinate Care and Referrals

The first step in care coordination is creating digital referrals within your network and with your partners.  Whether they use careMESH or not, we keep referrals off the fax machine and completely digital. Patient records, test results, and images can be sent to any receiving provider and uploaded to their EHR. 


And, careMESH is not a custom-built solution that requires big IT expense—it is a cost-effective, cloud-based service that integrates into existing workflows and is designed for practices that want to make the most of the latest digital tools and provide an excellent patient experience.

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