Improve workflow efficiency across multiple EMR platforms—

We can show you how.

How can physician groups and specialty practices achieve cost and quality goals without migrating onto one EMR when true interoperability has failed us?  Healthcelerate gives you the tools to do this in group and specialty practices without burdensome IT cost and complexity, allowing you to participate in the value-based market without being forced on to a single EMR system. 

New payment models such as MIPS and MACRA focus on two main goals: improving patient outcomes (quality) and reducing cost. Basic clinical data can already be accessed using the EMR standards that Meaningful Use established, so by leveraging this readily available data, we help provider groups:

  • Identify high-risk, high-utilization patients by aggregating key parts of their health records from different EMRs
  • Understand where patient care gaps exist, so you can help close them, and
  • Coordinate care with your staff and peers using the secure messaging tools that many industries adopted years ago

And we do this using a standard platform that works out of the box that plays nicely with almost all EMRs, and works across organizations.  This is not a custom-built solution that requires big IT expense - it is a cost-effective product that integrates into existing provider workflow and is designed for practices that want to drive improvements in cost and quality.


How We Address Your Challenges:

Population Health Management.png

Population Health Management

Healthcelerate aggregates key clinical data from multiple EMRs to identify where you are achieving quality goals and where you are falling short.  We use a simple algorithm to identify high risk patients and high utilizers that may need special attention from your care team.

Closing Gaps in Care.png

Closing Gaps in Care

Value-based payment models reward providers that close gaps in care.  Our daily “task list” identifies patients requiring follow-up.  Whether it is focusing on glycemic control for your diabetes patients, scheduling a cancer screening or simply calling a high-risk patient to schedule a flu shot, the task list helps you and your team prioritize the right actions.

icon - Coordinate Care and Referrals.png

Coordinate Care and Referrals

The first step in care coordination is managing referrals within your network and with your partners.  Whether they subscribe to Healthcelerate or not, we keep referrals off the fax machine and completely digital. Patient records, test results, and images can be sent to any receiving provider and uploaded to their EMR.  And our simple text messaging feature allows the entire care team to freely and securely communicate in real-time.

icon - Avoid Unnecessary Costs.png

Avoid Unnecessary Costs

By easily sharing electronic health records, clinical and administrative staff across the care team can review test results recorded in other EMRs, exchange images and other large data files, and avoid unnecessary repeat tests. And, we reduce costs and demands on your records department, by streamlining the sending and capturing of EMR data from other practice offices.

icon - Drive Data Warehouse and Analytic Tools.png

Drive Data Warehouse and Analytic Tools

We understand that you may want to go deeper in data analytics and combine data from a variety of sources.  Healthcelerate shares data with your existing tools so you can understand the patterns and behaviors of your patients, while monitoring your quality and financial performance.


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