Providers are empowered to share records—

To accelerate referrals and transitions in care.

A critical gap in healthcare continues to be that the majority of referrals and transitions in care take place on paper or via fax. This is inefficient, not aligned with regulatory incentives, and hurts both the patient experience and care coordination. 

careMESH addresses both the “outbound” and “inbound” challenges of transitions in care. A key element that makes this possible is our national clinician directory, which enables communication with any licensed clinician in the country.

  • An outbound scenario, such as when a hospital discharges a patient or a primary care physician refers to a specialist and needs to send a patient record and related care documentation, typically spans multiple EHR platforms and the inability to securely send data to another entity.

Even if the receiving provider has never heard of careMESH, s/he will receive the message through one of several communications channels, be able to access the patient record and other files digitally, and choose whether to import the information into the local EHR.

  • For inbound transitions in care, as when a physician admits a patient to a hospital, careMESH reduces or eliminates the steady flow of faxes arriving to a medical records department. Inbound C-CDAs can be viewed by the recipient for immediate use at the point of care, and can be parsed to create a record containing the required data for EHR reconciliation (Demographics, Meds, Problems, Allergies).


How Do We Do It?

  • Our clients choose either an integrated or non-integrated configuration with careMESH

  • When integrated to an EHR, careMESH allows a client to automatically upload patient lists, patient C-CDAs, enterprise contacts, and more into the careMESH cloud.

  • In a more turn-key approach, providers and their support teams can use our intuitive user interface and leverage existing referral templates (shown at right), to share patient records, files, notes, and more to the other provider.

  • This provides a flexible solution that makes it possible for hospitals, small practices, ACOs and others to create digital referral loops for improved interoperability with any other provider.

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National Clinician Directory

Our directory includes 5.1M US clinicians, so you can communicate with any member of a patient's care team.

Patient Record Viewer

Not only do we "speak the language of medicine" butter viewer is searchable and intuitive.

Promoting Interoperability

Learn how careMESH helps you meet CMS's new 2019 Meaningful Use Programs. 

User Identity

Keeping your data secure, with industry-leading identity-proofing processes.



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