Until now, most health systems and providers could not imagine having a directory of all 5.1M US-based clinicians.

But just as we have become accustomed to checking our email directory for contacts within our enterprise, clinicians can now find a provider across town, or across the nation. Imagine how this can facilitate sending a secure message to a provider in another county or state.

Our proprietary directory includes physicians, physician’s assistants, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, social workers, and more!

  • Directory of 5.1 Million clinicians integrated from multiple sources

  • Continually maintained through APIs with source databases and dynamically updated with each new subscriber profile update

  • Free directory listing for every clinician in the U.S.

Sample careMESH Directory Entry

The careMESH Directory is a unique example of innovation in Health IT. All subscribers can leverage the directory to identify the right clinician to whom they would like to discharge a patient, send a referral, or request patient information in support of patient care. 

In this example, even with 19 clinicians named "John Smith" in Florida, the user can refine results by specialty, city, zip code, street name, or other criteria, and then review the listing to ensure accuracy.

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