The path to patient-centric, value-based care is not easy—

Improved data visibility makes it possible.

Doctors instinctively know how to deliver the quality patient care at the lowest cost. And today’s payment models provide the right incentives to practices that coordinate care and deliver affordable services to their patients.

careMESH enables simplified access to EHR data from multiple systems, and helps providers:

  • Document and close patient care gaps

  • Keep information secure with strong user identity proofing

  • Coordinate care with innovative, secure communication tools, and

And we do this with a HIPAA-compliant infrastructure that works out-of-the-box, easily retrieves patient data from any EHR, and works across provider organizations to improve collaboration. 

careMESH is not a custom-built solution that requires a team of consultants to implement—it is a turnkey product designed for value-based care.

How We Address Your Challenges:


Close Patient Care Gaps

careMESH is designed to improve the flow of clinical patient data, wherever it is needed.  Now, you can aggregate data from multiple EHRs to identify whether you are achieving quality goals. Everything we do is built around the needs of your clinical practice and is never limited to your ACO patients. 

icon - Coordinate Care and Referrals.png

Coordinate Care and Referrals

We keep referrals off the fax machine and completely digital. Share patient records, test results, and images with any receiving provider.  And our secure text messaging feature allows the entire care team to discuss Protected Health Information (PHI) in real-time.

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Avoid Unnecessary Costs

With careMESH, clinical and administrative staff across the care team can review test results recorded in other EHRs, exchange images and other large data files, and avoid unnecessary repeat tests. careMESH is not an ACO-specific “IT system stack” but a comprehensive set of clinical support tools for every patient you serve.

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Drive Data Warehouse and Analytic Tools

We understand that you may want to go deeper in data analytics and combine data from a variety of sources.  careMESH empowers you to share data with your existing tools so you can understand the patterns and behaviors of patients, while monitoring your quality and financial performance.

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